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Homebrew: Label Tutorial

I got some requests for writing a tutorial covering how I make my beer labels, so here goes. I use Photoshop, but the same techniques can be applied using free software, such as GIMP.

1. First create a new image in your image processing software. 1500*900 pixels at a DPI of 300 gives a nicely sized label.

2. Choose a nice background color (in this imaginary beer label I use: #7766aa (purple)). The imaginary beer is an Imperial Stout that has been spiced with coffee, so I thought it would be nice to have a coffee cup in the middle of the label. Using Google Image Search with the search phrase “coffee cup” I found this image. I copied the image to the center of the label.

3. Next, it was time to remove the dark borders from around the coffee cup, so by using the ‘magic wand’ tool, I selected and deleted everything around the coffee cup (and inside the ‘ear’).

4. After this, it was time to find a nice font for the text on the label. If you’re not happy with the fonts already installed on your computer, you can download lots of free and awesome fonts at DaFont. I downloaded and installed a font called ‘Reprise Stamp’, and wrote the name of the beer in the center of the label (unfortunately the text will be in Finnish, as I originally wrote this tutorial for a Finnish forum).

5.I wanted dark edges around the text, so from the ‘Layer’-‘Layer Style’-‘Outer Glow’ menu, I choose I nice color and size for the outer glow.

6.Next, I write some technical information about the beer (e.g. alcohol content, malts, hops, original gravity, etc.), and I give the text the same dark edges (e.g. by copying the ‘Layer Style’ of the previous text).

7. On the other side of the label, I write a short story about the beer, and again copy the dark edges.

8.When this is done, I align and move the different elements, so that everything looks good. At the bottom of the label I finally added brewery name, batch, and bottling date.

9.Then its time to print. After printing (on normal paper), I attach the labels to the bottles by soaking the back of the label with milk. You can download my Photoshop label template by clicking here!