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  1. Hi Kristoffer,
    Very nice technical blog in beer!
    I am asking a junior question (maybe very stupid). How if we keep the whole wort fermention under aerated conditions? could we get non-alcohol beer easily by this way? Currently zero alcohol beer are mainly produced through reverse osmosis filtration which is a bit expensive and hard for home brew.
    I’d plannning to operate a homebrew summer camp this year for child students and their parents. hope there could be some special brewing that young and the adults could cooperate happly and enjoy together.
    did you ever try or know such aerated fermentation?


  2. Hi Marvin!
    Not a stupid question at all. It is a good idea, but unfortunately brewer’s yeast (i.e. Saccharomyces cerevisiae) prefer fermentation over respiration even in aerobic conditions. You can google ‘crabtree effect’ if you want to learn more. This means that the yeast will produce alcohol even if the beer is continuously aerated. Not all yeast species are ‘crabtree-positive’, so it might be possible to perform such aerobic wort fermentations with a non-conventional yeast. I know there has been some research on this. But keep in mind that continuous aeration could have a negative impact on the flavour.

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