Centennial Blonde – Nice!
Fresh-Squeezed West Coast IPA
Brandy-Vanilla Porter – Nice!
Sierra Nevada Amber Ale
Bold Bobcat Amber Ale
Black Panther Imperial Stout – Nice!
Lusty Leopard Tripel
Snoopen Dog Breakfast Stout
Smoked Lager – Nice!
Smoked Porter
Scaredy Cat – Citra IPA – Nice!
Beer Belly – American Brown Ale – Nice!
Lovecats – South Pacific Blonde Ale
Catnipa Imperial IPA – Nice!
Czech Mate – German Pilsener
Wei├če Katze – Hefeweizen
Black Lodge Imperial Stout
Unexpected Predator – American IPA – Nice!
Nightly Serenade – Imperial Porter – Nice!
Meowing Monk – Belgian Blond
Kind Kitten – Session IPA
Bret, you’ve got in going on – 100% Brett IPA – Nice!
Purring Nun – Belgian Dark Strong Ale
From Seamless to Shameless – American Pale Ale – Nice!
3X Amber Ale – American Amber Ale
M.Sc. Thesis Ale – American Pale Ale – Nice!
Citra Pale Ale – American Pale Ale
Eubayanus Blond – Blonde Beer
Amarillo Hefeweizen – Hefeweizen
Summer Pale Ale – American Pale Ale / IPA
Oak-Aged English Strong Ale – Barleywine

1 thought on “Recipes

  1. Tom DeBates

    Hello Kristoffer, I stumbled upon your website looking for “Finnish yeast”. I am hoping to brew a batch of sahti soon and am getting my recipe/method together.
    I do have “connections” to Finland. Eleven (I think) years ago I was a housing parent for two Finnish hockey players, Jani and Mikko, on a Junior A hockey team in our town. We remain good friends (I call them “my boys” since I have no kids) and went to both of their weddings. On my way to Jani’s wedding I met a gal, Jaana, that I correspond with. Also, I have gotten much more interested in my “Viking Roots”. I’ve always been interested in this, but since I’m a beekeeper and make mead, perhaps that piqued my interest.
    So your articles on Sahti and Finnish yeast were very timely for me. If it is OK with you, I would like to discuss Sahti brewing and new yeast strains that you are working with. For the sahti, I would like to use all Finnish ingredients. I found Viking Malt on the Web. Are there others that you would suggest? For the first batch (hopefully there will be others), I will probably use the “raw” Finnish bakers yeast.
    Thank your for your time and I hope we can communicate.
    Kiitos, Tom

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