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Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA



  • Brewery: Flying Dog
  • Country: USA
  • Style: American IPA
  • ABV: 7.1%
  • Size: 355 ml
  • Bought from: Germany, 2.19€
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    Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA
    The beer has a clear golden-amber color, with a centimeter-thick white head, that leaves nice lacing along the glass. There are visible signs of carbonation, with small bubbles constantly rising to the surface.
    The aroma of the beer is sweet, caramelly, and malty, with slight hints of hops (herbal and piney aroma). Hop aroma could have been stronger in my taste.
    The taste is similar to the aroma, as the initial taste is quite sweet and malty, with some herbal, piney and grapefruit hop flavour. The beer leaves a quite dry and bitter aftertaste, making me think this IPA should be a bit more balanced. I'd prefer some more hop flavour and maltiness, as this beer is quite boring as is, and not very drinkable.
    The beer has a light body with medium level of carbonation, which together with the quite harsh bitterness, makes this a difficult beer to enjoy.
    I was very disappointed with this one, as I quite like Flying Dog's Double Dog Double Pale Ale. This one was difficult to drink, didn't have much of the hop aroma and flavour I so much enjoy, was imbalanced, and overall was very boring. The beer was quite fresh, but there is always a chance that it has lost flavour and aroma during transport and storage.

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