Homebrew – American Pale/Amber Ale

Yesterday I brewed an American-style Pale/Amber Ale, hopped with large amounts of Cascade and some left-over hops. Might dry hop this one as well, for even more aroma.

Batch Size: 19 L

5.5 kg Maris Otter Pale Malt
0.5 kg Pale Crystal Malt 40L
0.25 kg Dark Crystal Malt 120L

20 g Warrior (18% AA) 60 min
30 g Cascade (5.5% AA) 10 min
10 g Centennial (10% AA) 10 min
5 g Amarillo (9% AA) 10 min
70 g Cascade (5.5% AA) 1 min

0.3 g Protafloc 15 min

US-05 Yeast

Targeted OG 1.059
Measured OG 1.059 (15 brix)

Targeted FG 1.013

Color ~23 EBC
Bitterness ~44 IBU

Didn’t take that many photos from this brewday, but here are a few:

The hop and fining additions

Close-up on the 10 minute hops

Boil is starting soon

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