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Tasting Impressions: Modern Pilsner


We also bottled the Modern Pilsner while bottling earlier this week, and today I decided to try the first bottle of this batch as well. This one only went down to 1.019 from 1.067, giving it an ABV of 6.0% and (at least at earlier sampling) a sweet finish. Compared to the New Year IPA, this one pours a very similar color (golden-orange), but is crystal clear. This time gelatin did its job. A slight white colored head is formed, but it collapses quite quickly leaving some lacing along the glass. A nice appearance for a Pilsner, but it could use a slightly more long-lasting head. The aroma is slightly citrusy, grassy and bready. There are some minor plastic-like tones hiding in the background as well. Not the typical clean and crisp aroma you would want in a Pilsner. The taste begins with some sweet and biscuity malt tones, that are joined by some grassy and slightly citrusy hop tones. The finish is relatively sweet and with a moderate bitterness. Somehow, the flavors don’t really go all too well together. This would have been much better if the beer had been drier, but I think some time in the bottle will improve it slightly as the flavors mend together. Not bad, but not completely satisfied either.

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