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Tasting Impressions: New Year IPA


Yesterday, we bottled the batch of American IPA that we brewed in the end of December. The beer fermented down to 1.013, giving it an ABV of 7.5%. It had been in the keg together with 50 g of Nelson Sauvin and 50 g of Galaxy for 2 weeks. Today I thought I’d pop the first bottle, and see how it tastes extremely fresh. We tried clearing the beer with gelatin a couple of days before bottling, but it seems to have had no effect, as the beer is really hazy. The beer pours with a hazy golden, almost orange, color and a slight off-white oily head is formed (quite a careful pour). I wish it was slightly clearer, but heavily dry-hopped beers usually are cloudy. The aroma is extremely hoppy, with tones of tropical fruits, citrus and resin. There is maybe a slight malty sweetness hiding behind all the hops. A really nice aroma, which gets my expectations up high for the flavour. The flavour begins with a slight initial maltiness, but it quickly gets overtaken by a massive fruitiness from the hops. This almost tastes like drinking a glass of multi vitamin fruit juice. The flavour ends with a semi-dry finish and a moderate bitterness. I’m surprised the bitterness isn’t more present, especially with the 100+ theoretical IBUs. Could maybe use slightly more bitterness to help balance the flavours. Can’t really detect any major off-flavours, which I’m happy about, but there is a slight grassiness in the flavour, which I assume is from the heavy dry hopping. Hopefully that will fade in the upcoming weeks. Overall, I’m very happy with this beer!

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