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Beer Hunter’s Mufloni Amarillo

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  • Brewery: Panimoravintola Beer Hunter’s
  • Country: Finland
  • Style: Bitter
  • ABV: 3.5%
  • Size: 330 ml
  • Bought from: K-Supermarket, 4.99€
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    Beer Hunter's Mufloni Amarillo
    The beer has a golden-brown color, and is hazy (the beer is unfiltered and bottle conditioned), with a couple centimeter thick head (leaving nice lacing along the glass).
    The beer has a slighty sweet and fruity (tropical fruits and grapefruit) aroma. The aroma isn't very pronounced. (Note: I currently have a cold, so my olfaction isn't at its best)
    The beer is quite dry, with a fruity and bitter taste (good level of hoppiness). Slight aftertaste of grapefruit and peach. Good balance between maltiness and hoppiness.
    The body is quite dry and has medium-low fullness, with moderate carbonation. Quite easy to drink.
    A tasty and easy to drink single hop beer, that shows of the aroma and flavor of Amarillo hops. The beer is quite expensive, but is produced by a domestic microbrewery/pub, so I shouldn't complain. A little too low hoppiness for my taste.

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