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Pellicle forming


A nice looking pellicle is starting to form on my homebrewed sour ale. The beer has now been in the fermenter almost two months. In about 7-10 months time I will add blueberries and perhaps raspberries.



  1. Cool! Have you sampled or monitored the SG at all? The pellicle seems quite intact, though, so maybe you have resisted the urge 🙂

    I have one batch of sour ale conditioning on berries so that I racked half of it on cloudberries and the other half on a mix of blackcurrants, blueberries (or bilberries, in fact) and raspberries (I was going for a “kuningatar/drottning” mix). Hopefully I can bottle these soon and get them to you to help you figure out berry additions!

  2. Haven’t sampled or monitored the FG, as I thought I’d leave it alone until the berry additions. Looking forward to trying your beer 😉

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