The Perfect IPA?

Having just come home from our old apartment (where I did some last minute cleaning, before we have to hand it over to the new tenants), tired and exhausted, I decided I should reward myself with a beer. I take a quick look into my new dedicated beer fridge (which I will soon integrate into a bar counter; will probably make a post once I get it finished), and see a bottle of Firestone Walker’s Union Jack. The beer is bottled in the end of June, so it should be fresh (at least from a Finnish point-of-view). I pour up the beer, and the room already fills with citrusy and floral hop aroma. A beautiful beer. Strong hop aroma. Tones from C-hops, Amarillo and Simcoe. The flavor is perfectly balanced. A relatively light maltiness, combines with loads of citrus and resin from the hops, and ends in a lingering bitterness. The beer feels so smooth. Is this the perfect IPA? I think so.

2 thoughts on “The Perfect IPA?

  1. Daniel

    Hi Kristofer. Very interesting. If you ever go to Panama try the Chivoperro IPA. Amazing. Hey I juat moved to Germany. From what Intrad in your blog. Not to many good IpAs in Germany right? Also it seems that you only find them in Berlin? I am in Nuremberg so maybe in Munich i have more chances?

    Thanks anyway

  2. suregork Post author

    Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for your comment! Will definitely check out Chivoperro IPA if I ever get the chance! The craft beer scene in Germany is actually developing very nicely at the moment, and it is possible to find many ‘American-style’ beers brewed by German (micro)breweries. If you are after good IPAs brewed in Germany, I recommend checking out the beers from BrauKunstKeller, Crew Republic, Camba Bavaria, Hopfenstopfer, Schoppe Bräu, and Schönramer (available to buy online from e.g.


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