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Review on diacetyl and its control during brewery fermentations


I’m happy to announce that my review on the formation and control of diacetyl during brewery fermentations has been published in the Journal of the Institute of Brewing. The review covers how diacetyl is formed during fermentation, what factors affect its formation, how it is removed during fermentation, methods for reducing residual diacetyl content in beer and strain development. Please have a read if you are interested! Diacetyl is still a problem for the big lager breweries (and why not the smaller ones as well), and one of the limiting factors for increasing fermentation speed. Even homebrewers are commonly affected by this off-flavour. I’ll be basing most of my diacetyl mini-essay on the review, and I will be posting the second part soon.

  • Krogerus, K., Gibson, B.R., (2013) 125th Anniversary Review: Diacetyl and its control during brewery fermentation. Journal of the Institute of Brewing 119: 86-97. DOI: 10.1002/jib.84

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