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Homebrew: Simcade American Pale Ale – Rebrew


On Sunday I had yet another brewday and rebrew. I don’t usually like to rebrew recipes, unless it’s for educational purposes, but I got a request to brew some beer for my girlfriend’s sister’s wedding and since the ‘From Seamless To Shameless’/‘Simcade Pale Ale’ beers have tasted really good, I thought I’d reuse the recipe once again. The recipe results in a beer that is a highly drinkable, ‘bulk lager’-friendly, yet still slightly hop-forward. Perfect for the occasion. The brewday went extremely smoothly, and ended up with around 33 liters of 1.052 wort. We are getting quite consistent efficiencies (~70%) now that we have our system dialed in, which is promising. I pitched two packets of US-05, and yesterday the airlock was bubbling along nicely. I’m slightly worried that the heat wave will result in high fermentation temperatures, but luckily our brewing garage keeps quite consistent ambient temperatures of around 18-20 C. I will leave the beer to ferment for two weeks, after which I’ll add the dry hops (80g of Simcoe and 30 g of Cascade). After a week of dry-hopping I’ll transfer the beer to kegs.

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