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Homebrew: Amarillo Hefeweizen


Today we brewed our first batch of beer in our new brewing garage. The batch was the Amarillo Hefeweizen mentioned in the previous post. Overall, the brewday went quite smoothly, but we had a few hiccups during the mash. The post-boil wort was tasting promising though, so hopefully this will result in a nice and refreshing beer for the summer! We managed to squeeze out 24 liters of 1.049 wort, so efficiency was around 67% (better than usual). Below are some pictures of the garage and the brewday.











  1. Wow, your brew garage looks pretty utilitarian, to say the least 🙂 Anyways good work, would like to have my own dedicated brewery some day!

  2. Thanks! It’s definitely not visually beautiful, but it serves its purpose well 😀

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