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Homebrew: From Seamless to Shameless (rebrew)


I brewed a batch of American Pale Ale for team Seamless of Aalto’s PDP course in November 2012 (brewday report here). Since the beer was such a huge success, they ordered another batch, which I brewed today. I basically used the same recipe as in the previous post, but I scaled it by 1.5 to get a 30 liter batch. I hit the gravity spot on (1.051), gained about 32 liters of wort, and pitched two packets of US-05. The only small change I will make to the recipe, is to dry hop with some Simcoe as well (the Simcoe that remained from yesterday’s brewday), which should lend some nice resiny and citrusy tones to complement the floral and grapefruit tones of Cascade.


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