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Huge Homebrew Tasting

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This evening I will be hosting a huge homebrew tasting for a couple of friends, and we will taste through 27 different homebrews (6 of my own). The list includes some strange beer styles and ingredients, so it will be very interesting to try them out. Will try to document and collect all the comments we have on the beers as soon as possible, so that the brewers get some feedback. I’m especially excited to parallel taste the Hoppy Ambers we brewed in January. It was quite a task to order the beers, but hopefully the following list makes sense. Tried to go from light and low bitterness, to dark and higher bitterness, keeping similar styles together, and changing styles via sour beers (as I’ve heard they ‘clean up’ the palate).

Ykkösolut (Low-alcohol beer)JuhaniBitter?
Hunaja-pakuriolut (Honey & Chaga Mushroom beer)JuhaniSpeciality Beer
California CommonRattoCalifornia Common
Thesis AleMeAmerican Pale Ale
Citra Pale AleMeAmerican Pale Ale
Amber Ale - WLP007MeAmerican Amber Ale
Amber Ale - WLP090MeAmerican Amber Ale
Amber Ale - ConanMeAmerican Amber Ale
1600 Combi (Rauchkölsch)MyrkkyluostariSmoked Beer
Dorée (All-brett Session beer)Myrkkyluostari?
WitteJuhaniBelgian Wit
Chili BlondJuhaniBelgian Blond?
Saison SourIlkkaSaison / Sour Ale
Saison de BergansJuhaniSaison
Tripel (Citra dry-hopped)IlkkaTripel
Wild CiderIlkkaCider
Cuvée des Grands (All-brett Vintage 2010)Myrkkyluostari?
Plan 9 from outer Brussels (All-brett)Myrkkyluostari?
Dead Barbie (Wheat Kriek)MyrkkyluostariKriek
IPAIlkkaAmerican IPA
American BarleywineMeAmerican Barleywine
BarleywineJuhaniEnglish Barleywine
Belgian StoutIlkkaStout / Sour Ale
Oatmeal StoutRattoOatmeal Stout

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