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Homebrew: Bottling the Citra Pale Ale


I apologize for the lack of activity on the blog. We still haven’t got our ‘garage brewery’ up and running, so there has been no new homebrews. We hope to get it finished before the end of February, and will probably post some pictures at some point. Yesterday we bottled the Citra Pale Ale mentioned here, and it had a really nice hop aroma so am looking forward to trying it in a couple of weeks. The gravity had fallen to 1.013 from 1.054 giving the beer an ABV of 5.4%. As soon as we get the new ‘garage brewery’ up and running, I’ll brew an Imperial IPA for the summer (focusing mostly on Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, and Simcoe), a Christmas Porter for the next winter (so it gets enough maturation time), a noble-hopped Pilsner for the summer, a Mosaic single-Hop IPA (or APA) to try out the hop, and finally a Blueberry Sour Ale (will try a turbid mash with pilsner malt and raw wheat, hop with some old 2010 hops from the freezer, pitch with Wyeast 3763 Roeselare Ale Blend, and secondary age with a couple of kg of blueberries for 18 months). I’m actually not that big of a fan of sour beer, but the thought of a dry, sparkly, refreshing and blueberry-flavored beer (for Summer 2015) is intriguing. Stay tuned for some scientific posts in the close future as well.

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