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Bottling the 3 x Hoppy Amber


On Thursday we finally bottled the 3-way split batch of the Hoppy Amber Ale we brewed about three weeks ago. The beers were fermented from the same wort base, but with three different yeast strains: WLP007 Dry English Ale, WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast, and Conan yeast I’ve cultivated from a can of Heady Topper. The gravity of the WLP090 and Conan batches had fallen to 1.013, giving an attenuation of 78%, while the WLP007 remained at 1.016, giving an attenuation of 74%. I had expected the WLP007 to ferment slightly drier, but to my pleasant surprise, I liked the WLP007 beer the most, thanks to the slightly more caramelly flavours. The WLP090 batch had the hoppiest aroma, while the Conan and WLP007 batches featured more of a fruity aroma. It will be very interesting to try these beers head to head in a couple of weeks!

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