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Homebrew: Another brewday behind (American Pale Ale)


I was planning on brewing yesterday, but the weather gods were against me, as it was -27C in the morning and our car wouldn’t start. I postponed the brewday until today, when it was a more manageable -10C. Our automated brew kettle is currently not really suitable for indoor use (large current draw and loads of evaporation), meaning I was brewing outdoors again. I mashed in our garage, to keep temperatures more even, and did the boil at the garage door, to send the vapor outside. The combination of a large batch and cold weather resulted in a little longer time to reach a rolling boil after the mash, but otherwise the brewday went surprisingly smooth. You can find the recipe in this previous post. The beer is based on Firestone Walker’s Pale 31, and I will be serving the beer (if it turns out drinkable) when I complete my Master’s Thesis in March. Brewhouse efficiency was surprisingly good for once, and I ended up with around 40-45 liters of 1.050 wort. The wort was tasting really nice and I have quite high hopes for the beer. Post-boil pumping, filtering and chilling also went surprisingly smooth for once, with great flow rates. I filled the HopRocket with boiled oat husks for filtering, and it managed to remove the kettle trub almost completely. This will ferment for approximately 3-4 days, after which I will add the dry hops and oak cubes, and let them soak in the beer for about a week.

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