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Homebrew: 3 x Hoppy Amber


Yesterday we brewed up the ‘Kitchen Sink’ Amber Ale mentioned in this post. The brewday went quite well, but we ended up with about 30 liters of wort in the fermenting vessels instead of the expected 33. We hit a gravity of 1.063, which was slightly higher than expected, so we could have topped up with some water. We pitched WLP007 and WLP090 into 11 liters of wort, while the Conan yeast (which I cultivated from a can of Alchemist Heady Topper) was pitched into the remaining 8 liters of wort. There was activity in the two WLP-pitched airlocks, but nothing in Conan’s airlock this afternoon, but I’m suspecting there is a slight leak somewhere as a nice krausen seems to have been formed by the Conan yeast. The wort was tasting quite good (no burnt flavors as last time), so hopefully the beers turn out nice (and different from each other). Tomorrow I shall be brewing the Master’s Thesis Ale.


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