Homebrew update

I have forgotten to write about the double brewday we had last Sunday, so here is a short recap. It went quite well, and we ended up with 14.5 liters of 1.110 wort for the Barleywine and 17 liters of 1.076 wort for the Black IPA. As always when using new equipment (pump and HopRocket), we had some minor hiccups (some lost wort), but hopefully we will get our process dialed in. Fermentations started explosively the next day, and the Black IPA with WLP002 finished fermenting after just a couple of days at an ambient temperature of 17.5 degrees C. The Barleywine is still slowly fermenting in the same chamber. I will dry hop the Black IPA after Christmas, and then keg both batches sometime in the beginning of January.

I am currently drinking a bottle of my homebrewed 100% Brettanomyces IPA, which is extremely fruity (in a good way). There are fantastic tones of pineapple, mango and citrus in the aroma and flavour, and the bitterness is just perfect. Unfortunately I think I bottled just a couple of days too early, as there is quite a lot of carbonation in the bottles. This is not that big of a problem for drinkability, as it can be swirled away in the glass, but the beer tends to want to come out of the bottle if not served cold enough. I might post a proper review sometime in the future. Here is a picture of the beer, together with some bottles of the Meowing Monk Belgian Blond and Nightly Serenade Imperial Porter:

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