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Homebrew: Bottling Bret, you’ve got it going on – 100% Brett B IPA


Today I bottled the Brett IPA I brewed up three weeks ago. I managed to squeeze 29 bottles (0.33L) out of the 10 liter batch, so am quite happy. Gravity had fallen to 1.012, meaning an apparent attenuation of 80%. This is in the range of the Brett B strain mixture I used (WLP644), though some have reported apparent attenuations up to 85-90%. Hopefully I won’t get any bottle bombs. 1.012 seems perfect for a IPA in this strength. I had a small taste sample, and the reports of tropical and pineappley fruitiness of this strain are true, as it felt like I was drinking juice. This will be very interesting to drink in a couple of weeks!

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