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Homebrew: Kegging the Kind Kitten


Today I transferred the majority of the Kind Kitten batch (which has been in the primary for 9 days, and dry hopping for 6 days with 40 g Centennial) to a keg together with 40 g of Simcoe and 40 g of Citra. Gravity had dropped to 1.014, giving the beer an ABV of 2.7%. Perfect! The beer had a quite bitter taste, but this will most likely lessen with a couple of weeks of maturation. This should make a really nice session beer, as long as the flavors mesh together and the hoppiness remains fresh. The Purring Nun Belgian Dark Strong Ale was still fermenting along nicely, and I placed a heat pad against the fermenter to keep temperatures at around 25° C. Will be kegging this one in a week. I had a small sample of the Meowing Monk Belgian Blond, which has been hooked to CO2 for a week, and it was tasting quite promising, with a combination of yeast phenolics, spices, floral hops and a honey-like maltiness. This should be ready for bottling in about a week.

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