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Homebrew: More starters and failed bottling


Today I had planned to bottle the Czech Mate Pilsner, that has been lagering for 1.5 months, but the taste sample I had of it was quite flat, so I decided to leave it connected to the CO2 bottle for another week. I guess an extra week of lagering won’t hurt it. I’m not completely happy with its taste, since its quite malty (I guess its from the aromatic malt) and the hoppiness is not as fresh and floral as I had hoped. Also, there is a slight alcohol bite, even though this is just over 5% ABV. Hope I haven’t lagered it for too long.

I also made two 1-liter yeast starters today: one of WLP002 (English Ale), for a session IPA we’ll be brewing next Thursday, and one of WLP644 (Brettanomyces bruxellensis Trois), for a Brett IPA I’ll be brewing next Friday. The Brett IPA recipe will be pretty much the same as I originally planned, but will be switching in Galaxy for Citra and will be using Maris Otter as base malt. The session IPA recipe is still under construction, but will most likely contain a bunch of different specialty malts, loads of late hops, and a high mash temperature. To complete next week’s brewing weekend, I’ll be brewing up a Belgian Quad to pitch on the Belgian Blond‘s yeast cake. The Quad will feature mostly Pilsner malt, with slight amounts of crystal, biscuit and special B. At the end of the boil I’ll throw in a hefty amount of dark candi syrup. Aiming for 10% ABV. More on these next weekend!

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