Reviews of my homebrews over at

I sent some homebrews over to Harri at Reittausblogi, hoping to get some objective comments on them, and he was kind enough to taste through them and write up some proper reviews (in Finnish) on them! Thanks!

It was surprising to note however that he had found a sulfur-like (burnt matches) off-aroma in three of the beers, which I at least have never noticed before, nor have I heard anyone else tasting my beers mention it. The beers with the off-aroma use oxygen-absorbing caps, and the bottles were shipped horizontally, so maybe that could explain it? To test this theory I will store a couple of bottles horizontally for a week, and then do a parallel tasting. The beers all use different yeasts, so it is probably not fermentation byproducts. The beers have used the same fermentation vessels, auto-siphon, and kegs, so one of them might be harboring some contaminations causing the off-aroma. I’m completely puzzled, especially since I haven’t noticed anything myself.

Thanks again for taking your time to taste and comment the beers! Much appreciated!

I have a small backlog of stuff to write about, including the third part of the Hop Science mini-essay, a small report on SOPP and a beer tasting we had yesterday, so hopefully these will be released during the week.

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