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Homebrew: First sampling of the Imperial IPA

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My latest Imperial IPA has been in the keg for a week at 0.8 bar CO2 and 1 degree C, so today I poured up the first taste sample. As I was expecting, the beer was only partially carbonated (it usually takes me at least two weeks with the ‘set-and-forget’ method to reach proper carbonation levels), and it poured really murky with almost no head (I poured with low pressure from the keg, so that also explains the non-existing head). I’m positive the beer will clear up after I’ve poured the first few pints, as these usually contain the yeast and other sedimented particles from the bottom of the keg, and also form a much bigger and retentive head, as the beer gets more carbonation and a more vigorous pour. This beer is heavily hopped (both in the kettle and dry-hopped), so that naturally makes it murkier, and right now the appearance reminded me a bit of that of Alchemist’s Heady Topper. Well enough about the appearance, lets go to how it smelled and tasted.

Even though the carbonation level was low, the beer had a great and strong aroma, featuring dank, resiny, grapefruity, citrusy and earthy hop tones. These will hopefully still be amplified with more carbonation and by resting on the keg hops for another week. The flavor was also nice, though not perfect at the moment, as the beer felt a little ‘green’ still (muddled flavors, bland mouthfeel from low carbonation, slight yeast tones). This is not surprising though, as it has only been a week in the keg. The flavor featured some initial caramelly maltiness, which was overtook by resiny, dank, citrusy and earthy hop tones, that lingered long with the dry and bitter finish. I have high expectations for this, and I think that in a couple of weeks this will be fantastic.

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