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Homebrew: Bottling and Kegging day


Today I bottled what was remaining of my Citra IPA, Brown Ale and South Pacific Blonde kegs. The Blonde Ale (aka Lovecats) had gotten a really nice aroma from the Nelson Sauvin keg hops, but I think the flavor needs a little time to balance still (it has only been 2 weeks since we kegged it). The Brown Ale (aka Beer Belly) has turned out really well, with a dank and resiny hoppiness combined with a roasty and toasty maltiness and an almost IPA-like bitterness. The Citra IPA (aka Scaredy Cat) has mellowed down a lot, but it has been in the keg for over 2 months already. There is still a nice fruitiness and honey-like tones to it. My girlfriend Pia has again designed some nice labels for the beers:

Today I also racked my Imperial IPA to a keg together with 20 g of Centennial, Columbus and Nugget, and 40 g of Simcoe. The aroma of the beer was great already, and the flavor right out of the fermenter was fantastic, with lots of resiny, dank and grapefruit-like hop tones combined with a bitter finish and a nice malt backbone. I can’t wait to try this cooled and carbonated. The gravity of the beer had fallen to 1.016 (10 brix) from 1.077 (19.4 brix), giving the beer an ABV of 7.7%. I’m very happy with the performance of WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast, and might have to make it my house yeast.

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