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Update: Homebrews & American Weeks


Back from a small break in blogging, as I’ve been both abroad and had a flu. The Citra IPA brewed here is drinking nicely, with a nice tropical fruitiness backed by a smooth bitterness and slightly sweet honey-like malt backbone. Had hoped for a bit more hoppiness in the aroma and flavor, but its still nice. I will be kegging this Brown Ale on Monday, and at least the aroma coming from the airlock is promising. Hopefully it isn’t all too unbalanced and has clashing flavors. I have a couple of plans for upcoming homebrews, a Imperial IPA and New Zealand hopped Blonde Ale, but more about them later.

Diamond Beverages’ American Craft Beer Week is currently underway in a range of bars around the country, and in e.g. The Gallows Bird, you can still find the following fantastic beers. Pikkulintu are also soon arranging their now traditional Bitter & Sour theme week in a range of bars around the country. You can find the list of beers here. The ‘fish restaurants’ are also arranging their own American Weeks, and you can find some information on the beers available here. So go out and grab a good beer!

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