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Homebrew: Citra and Simcoe/Centennial IPA tasty


On the 30th of April (Wappu-day here in Finland; being a general party day) I served the two batches of APA/IPA I brewed up with my friend Marcus in the beginning of March at a party of our student union. The beers were very popular, and the two 19 liter kegs were emptied in about an hour. We received great feedback, and the Citra version seemed a bit more popular with its notes of tropical fruits. I really liked both of the beers, with the Citra version just slightly winning over the Simcoe/Centennial version. The beers were well balanced, and contained huge amounts of hop flavor and aroma, together with a smooth bitterness. The recipe for the Citra version can be found here (for the Simcoe/Centennial version, just replace each addition with equal amounts of Simcoe and Centennial, and adjust IBU). I managed to grab a few bottles from each keg before they ended, but will have to brew up a new batch soon. I have a batch of the Citra IPA currently carbonating in a keg, and it should be ready in about a week. Here is a quick photo of the bottles and the labels.

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