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Stadin Panimo Citra Pale Ale

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  • Brewery: Stadin Panimo
  • Country: Finland
  • Style: American Pale Ale
  • ABV: 4.5%
  • Size: 330 ml
  • Bought from: K-Citymarket, 3.90€
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    Here is another one from Stadin Panimo. A Citra single hopped American Pale Ale. 33 IBU. Batch 386.

    Stadin Panimo Citra Pale Ale
    The beer has a golden-amber color, and is slighty hazy (the beer is unfiltered and bottle-conditioned), with a slight white head (producing some lacing along the glass). Very similar appearance to their Simcoe Lager.
    The beer has a very fruity aroma, with citrus, mango and tropical fruits. You can definitely feel the presence of Citra. Slight sweetness is also present.
    The initial flavour is sweet and fruity, with a strong presence of tropical fruit. The fruity hop flavours dominate, with a weak malt presence. The flavour ends quite dry, with just a slight bitter tingle on the tongue. The flavours could be a bit stronger, and it almost feels like this beer has been watered down.
    The body is quite dry and light, and the beer has moderate carbonation. The beer is easy to drink and refreshing, but I feel it would benefit from a stronger body.
    I think this beer was slightly better than Stadin Panimo's Simcoe Lager, and it was a great example of the fruity properties of the Citra hop. A good beer, at a not all too bad price, from a Finnish microbrewery means I will probably drink this again, and buy Stadin Panimo's products in the future.

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