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Homebrew: Apple Cider

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Today I had a go at making some Apple Cider. The ‘brewday’ was surprisingly short, as all I had to do was sanitize the fermenting vessel, add in 13L of organic fresh pressed apple juice (Satower brand, brought from a shop called Toivo in Sello), 0.5L of apple juice concentrate (Brunneby brand, was hoping for a stronger apple flavor), and a packet of S-04 yeast (took a total of about 30 minutes). In about 3 months time (1 month in the fermenter, 2 months conditioning in the keg) the cider should hopefully be ready for drinking. I was thinking about adding some lime juice (for tartness), tea (for tannins) and pectinase (for clearing), but not having made cider before, I thought it would be best to first try what kind of result you get from not adding anything extra. If the cider is cloudy still after conditioning I might add some pectinase (even though it is recommended to add it pre-fermentation since the enzyme is partially inhibited by alcohol), since I’ve read some reports of it still working post-fermentation. The OG of the cider was around 1.045 (11.5 brix), so (if this doesn’t ferment bone-dry) it should end up with an ABV of around 5-5.5%.

One Comment

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