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Homebrew: Bottling the kegs and dry hopping the IPAs


Last Saturday was a hectic day as I bottled a total of 35L of beer (four 9L batches) which have been conditioning in my kegs. The beers were an oak-aged version of the Black Panther, the Snopen Dog Breakfast Stout, the Smoked Lager, and the Peat-Smoked Porter. My favorites of the group was the oak-aged Black Panther and the Smoked Lager. I think both the Breakfast Stout and the Peat-smoked Porter need a bit more time before they reach their prime.

Yesterday I dry hopped our Citra IPA with 75g of Citra, and our Sim-tennial IPA with 50g+50g of Simcoe and Centennial. The gravities of both beers had dropped to the 1.010-1.011 range, and the small sample I had was quite promising. The bitterness was surprisingly present, but the beer is still green, and I think it will mellow with time and carbonation. I hope the dry hopping gives the beers a huge hop aroma and flavor punch. These beers should be in their prime in the end of April.

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