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Port Brewing 3rd Anniversary IIPA


  • Brewery: Port Brewing
  • Country: USA
  • Style: Imperial IPA
  • ABV: 10 %
  • Size: 660 ml
  • Bought from: De Bierkoning, ~10 euro
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Haven’t reviewed a beer for a while, so thought it would be time to write one again. Today I’ll be drinking an Imperial IPA i brought home from my trip to Amsterdam about a month ago. Port Brewing brew an Imperial IPA to celebrate their Anniversary each year, the latest one being #5. I have no idea whether these are one-time brews, or if they rebrew old brews as well, so this is either brewed during the spring 2009, or hopefully sometime a bit closer to now. Columbus, Amarillo and Simcoe hops are used in the boil, while Columbus and Amarillo are used for dry hopping. Let’s see how this (potentially old) Imperial IPA tastes!

Port Brewing 3rd Anniversary
The beer pours with a hazy amber color, and a slight off-white head is formed, that collapses quickly, leaving slight oily curtains of lacing along the glass.
The aroma is hoppy and caramelly, with tones of tropical fruits, mango, citrus, and resin.
The flavor begins malty and caramelly, and is then joined by a herby and resiny hop flavor (the fruitiness from the aroma is not as present in the flavor). The flavor ends quite sweet and with a quite harsh bitter finish. Not really impressed by the flavor unfortunately, and I have a feeling that the beer should have been consumed over a year ago for maximum pleasure. The maltiness and bitterness are still present, but the hop flavors could really be stronger and more pleasant.
The body is smooth, medium full and the carbonation level is moderate, but the bitterness draws away from the drinkability. There is a slight alcohol presence as well.
Unfortunately this one didn't really deliver, and has probably lost tons of flavor standing on the store shelf for over a year. The aroma was quite promising, but the flavor didn't really deliver (the hop flavors were really lacking and the overall balance was poor). Overall, it wasn't poor, but it could definitely have been better.

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