Homebrew: Updates and new plans

The gravity of the Smoked Lager had dropped to 1.009, so I let it warm up to room temperature for a couple of days (diacetyl rest), and it is now it the fermentation fridge lagering at around 3 degrees C. I don’t have time for a proper lagering period, so will be bottling and kegging this Sunday. I had a small taste sample, and couldn’t detect much smokiness, but there was certainly lots of floral hoppiness present. The flavor was promising, and it felt almost like an Amber Pilsner, which I think sounds very interesting.

I will be bottling and kegging the Smoked Porter as well next Sunday. I haven’t measured the gravity, but am assuming it has fermented nicely. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed. I have read some threads on homebrew forums about stuck fermentations and low attenuation with WLP002 because of the high flocculation, but the airlock bubbled violently in the beginning and continued to slowly bubble for two weeks, so am assuming it has fermented along nicely.

In about two weeks I will be brewing two batches of a (very) hoppy APA/IPA with my friend Marcus. Both batches will use the same malt bill, consisting of pale ale, pilsner, munich, carapils, crystal 60 and melanoidin malt. We will be aiming for an OG around 1.060, a FG around 1.016 (using an English ESB yeast), and thus an ABV of around 5.7%. We will also be aiming for an IBU of 60, giving an OG:BU ratio of 1. The beers will be heavy on late-hopping, hopefully resulting in crazy amounts of citrusy, fruity and resiny hop flavor and aroma. The first batch will be hopped with 200g of Citra (130g boil + 70g dry hop) and the second with 260g of a 50-50 Simcoe and Centennial blend (180g boil + 80g dry hop). I’ve calculated both batches for around 23 liters, so we should end up with 40+ liters of refreshing summer beer! Recipes will follow closer to the brewday.

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