Juhani’s Imperial Stout (Homebrew)

  • Brewery: Juhani’s Homebrewery
  • Country: Finland
  • Style: Imperial Stout
  • ABV: ?
  • Size: 330 ml
  • Bought from: Gift
  • Not on Beer Advocate
  • Not on RateBeer


Today it’s time to try a homebrewed Imperial Stout, brewed by Juhani (a homebrewer who lives a couple hundred meters from me). It will be interesting to try someone else’s homebrewed beer, as I’ve only tried other people’s homebrews a couple of times earlier. The crown cap is marked “#18B P”, so am assuming this is his 18th batch? I unfortunately don’t have any further details on the beer (e.g. ingredients etc.). So let’s see what it tastes like! Thanks Juhani for the bottle!

[easyreview title=”Juhani’s Imperial Stout (Homebrew)” cat1title=”Appearance” cat1detail=”The bottle opens with a nice poof, and foam starts gushing out of the bottle immediately. After letting the bottle settle a couple of minutes in the kitchen sink, the beer pours pitch-black, with a slight cream-colored head, that quickly collapses, leaving no lacing along the glass.” cat1rating=”3.5″ cat2title=”Smell” cat2detail=”The aroma is dominated by tones of roasted malt and dark fruits. There is slight alcohol present in the aroma as well. Overall, the aroma is nice, but wished it would have been a bit stronger and less pronounced in the ‘dark fruit’-department (but that is just my own personal taste, and not a flaw in the beer). As the beer warms up, the alcohol in the aroma becomes more evident.” cat2rating=”3.5″ cat3title=”Taste” cat3detail=”The flavor is similar to the aroma, with roasted malts, ash, and dark fruits dominating. There is a slight spiciness in the background as well. The finish is quite dry and has a nice bitterness. Again, the dark fruits are not entirely to my own liking, but still nice flavor.” cat3rating=”3.5″ cat4title=”Mouthfeel” cat4detail=”The body is medium-full, with a moderate-high carbonation level. Unfortunately the carbonation level is too high both for my own taste and the style in general, and it makes drinking the beer a bit more difficult.” cat4rating=”3″ summary=”Overall a good Imperial Stout, that unfortunately has a couple of flaws (too high carbonation and a bit too dry finish), which makes drinking it a bit difficult. It featured some nice aroma and flavors, but I personally like Imperial Stouts with more coffee, chocolate and hop tones to them, hence the lower points. Having no idea what the recipe is, I think the beer would do better with a slightly lower fermentation temperature (to remove some of the alcohol from the aroma), some chocolate malt, a higher mash temperature, and less carbonation. Looking forward to trying more of Juhani’s beer! Thanks again for the bottle!”]

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