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More Finnish microbrews to become available at Alko 06.02.2012


According to rumors at the forum, the following beers (all from Finnish microbreweries) will become available at Alko 25.01.201206.02.2012. The release is associated with Alko’s 80 year anniversary, which it will be celebrating this year. The beers will make it to most Alkos nation-wide, but the stocks are quite small (3000-10000 per beer).

Beer                       Volume  Price
Kukko Pils Kellariolut     0,33 l  2,73€
Lammin Sahti Juhlaolut     0,33 l  4,57€
Stadin American Amber IPA  0,33 l  4,73€
Marsalkka India Pale Ale   0,33 l  3,71€
Nokia Keisari Juhla Ale    0,33 l  2,76€
Beer Hunter's Mufloni IPA  0,33 l  5,65€
Prykmestar HunajaBock      0,5 l   4,55€
Stallhagen India Pale Ale  0,5 l   4,88€
Huvila X-Porter            0,5 l   5,06€
Teerenpeli Kaurakaapo      0,33 l  3,96€

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