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Homebrew: Update on the Lusty Leopard Tripel


Today I racked my Lusty Leopard Tripel to a keg for conditioning and force carbonation. Will probably bottle the batch in a couple of weeks. The gravity had dropped to 1.015, so the ABV should be around 8.4%, perfect! The sample tasted promising as well, with a nice spiciness, coupled with tones of belgian yeast and a slight fruitiness. There was a bit of alcohol warmth, but I think this one will be great in a couple of months, with carbonation, conditioning and a slightly colder serving temperature.

Tomorrow is brewday again, and I will have a go at brewing a Breakfast Stout, i.e. an Imperial Stout with Oats, Coffee, and Chocolate. Hopefully everything goes well! I also have plans to oak-age half my Black Panther batch, which (the non-oak-aged portion) will be hitting bottles in around 3 weeks.

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