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Guest Review: St. Louis Framboise



  • Brewery: Van Honsebrouck
  • Country: Belgium
  • Style: Fruit Lambic
  • ABV: 2.8%
  • Size: 250 ml
  • Bought from: Aufsturz, Berlin, 2.8€
  • Beer Advocate
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    Here is a guest review from Pia that I’ve forgotten to post. This is another of the beers she had during our recent Berlin trip: St. Louis Framboise. This spontaneously fermented beer is matured with fresh raspberry juice, and should be available to buy in most major supermarkets here in Finland. Let’s see what she thinks about it!

    St. Louis Framboise
    The beer has a dark ruby red color (darker than the Kriek from the same brewery) and a slightly baby pink head that quickly collapses, leaving a little lacing along the glass.
    The beer has a strong raspberry aroma, that is slightly tart and juicy.
    The flavor is both sweet and acidic, with tones of raspberry. Reminds me of molten popsicles.
    The beer is crisp, tart and has a moderately high carbonation level.
    Overall a fresh, yummy fruit beer that I would buy again!

    Thanks Pia for the review!

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