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Stadin Panimo Cascade Pale Ale



  • Brewery: Stadin Panimo
  • Country: Finland
  • Style: American Pale Ale
  • ABV: 4.5%
  • Size: 330 ml
  • Bought from: K-Citymarket, 3.95€
  • Not on Beer Advocate
  • Not on RateBeer

    This is the newest of Stadin Panimo’s Single Hop Pale Ale series to hit the stores. I’ve only tasted their Citra Pale Ale, and it was nice, but other hops featured in the series are Ahtanum, Amarillo, Centennial, Chinook, Galena, Motueka, Pacific Gem and Pacifica (I have probably forgotten some hop). This American Pale Ale has been hopped solely with Cascade, to an IBU of 35. A Hopback technique has been used for increased hop aroma. Seems promising!

    Stadin Panimo Cascade Pale Ale
    The beer pours with a golden-amber color, is just slightly hazy, and forms a slight white colored head, that collapses leaving almost no lacing along the glass.
    The beer has a sweet, fruity (some grapefruit and mango), and just slightly grassy aroma. As i mentioned, I haven't had that many Stadin Panimo beers, but I seem to remember a similar tone in the Citra Pale Ale and Simcoe Lager, and such maybe a 'house aroma'.
    The flavor begins slightly sweet, with just the slightest caramel. This is then joined by some grassy, floral and citrusy hop tones. The finish is bitter and quite dry, and I also get a similar vibe as with the aroma, i.e. that I can almost taste a 'house flavor' typical of Stadin Panimo.
    The beer is crisp and quite light bodied, and has a moderate carbonation level. It was refreshing and drinkable, but would have wanted a slightly stronger body.
    Nothing special, but overall a good beer. It's always nice to drink a Finnish microbrew. The beer has some great hop tones, but I feel the beer could definitely use some more body.

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