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Brewing yeast family tree (Oct 2019 update)

Two new fantastic paper on interspecies Saccharomyces hybrids were recently published in Nature Ecology and Evolution. One from the Hittinger lab and collaborators, and the other from the Verstrepen lab and collaborators. A bunch of new commercially available brewing yeast strains were sequenced during the projects, and this meant there was yet again more data available to add to the brewing yeast tree (latest version now always available from the link The tree has been updated mainly with lager yeasts and a number of Wyeast strains. I’ve left out the S. kudriavzevii hybrids for now (e.g. WY1214, WLP500 and Abbaye, but these group in the Beer 2 clade). Anyways, enjoy (click for PDF):

I’ve left out a couple of strains, because they didn’t seem to make much sense (possible mixups or mislabelling?).

WLP530 and WLP775 grouped closely together off in a long branch in the wine clade, so I left these out. But it might be that they belong there?

WLP566 grouped in the Beer 1 clade, and had homozygous nonsense mutations in both PAD1 and FDC1 (meaning it should be POF-), despite being a POF+ saison strain. I left in WLP566 from the Gallone et al. 2016 paper instead.

WY1187 was sequenced in three runs, one was pure S. cerevisiae the other two were lager strains. So I don’t know if there has been a mix up or if this is a blend? I left in the S. cerevisiae run.

As revealed in both papers, WLP029, WLP051, and WLP515 are lager yeasts. WLP838 seems to be a S. cerevisiae strain.

It’s interesting to see that there are no Saaz strains among the commercially available lager yeast, they all are Frohberg.

The infamous WLP644 strain was also sequenced, and it can be found in the Beer 2 clade, close to the ‘Duvel’ strains.

For old versions, with a lot of good discussion about the strains, see here: Nov 2018, Apr 2018, and Dec 2017.

Thanks for having a look and feel free to leave a comment 🙂