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February 21, 2013
by suregork

Homebrew delivery

Today I got a nice package in the mail, containing six beers from the Myrkkyluostari homebrewery. The beers include a couple of all-brett beers, a wheat kriek, a smoked kölsch and a quadrupel. Should be really interesting trying these out, … Continue reading

February 3, 2013
by suregork

CO2 Hop Extract

I recently bought some bulk CO2 hop extract, as I was interested in trying it out. Many craft brewers (e.g. Russian River, The Alchemist, and Lagunitas) use hop extract for bittering additions in their heavily hopped beers, such as Imperial … Continue reading

February 1, 2013
by suregork
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Homebrew update

There has been some homebrewing activity since the last update, as during the past week I finally bottled the Black Lodge Imperial Stout, Purring Nun Belgian Dark Strong Ale and the Lucious Lynx Barleywine. It was one heck of a … Continue reading