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Homebrew: Kind Kitten – Session IPA

Today we brewed up a 25 liter batch of a session IPA. We were aiming for below 3% ABV, but we will see how dry it ferments. The techniques we employed for getting a full flavor and low alcohol level were:

  • A high mash temperature of 70° C
  • The use of flavorful base malt (Vienna, Maris Otter, Munich and Rye) together with 10% Crystal malts and 5% each of Melanoidin and Biscuit malt.
  • A poorly attenuating yeast (WLP002)
  • Low levels of bittering hops, but huge amounts of late hops

The brewday went quite smoothly, and we ended up with about 28 litres of 1.035 wort. Didn’t dare fill the fermentation vessel that full, so 2 litres went down the drain unfortunately. Will let this ferment for about a week, after which I’ll dry hop for a week and then keg (with keg hops!). I will be force carbonating this one, to ensure there will be no extra alcohol from the priming sugar. I’m hoping this one stays at about 1.014, with all the speciality malt and the high mash temperature, which would give it an alcohol content of around 2.7% ABV. The small taste sample I had was quite promising, but it is always hard to say prior to fermentation how a batch will turn out. My biggest fear is that the mixture of speciality malt will make this a muddled and watery mess. Stay tuned for updates! Tomorrow it is time for the 100% Brett IPA.

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