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Leyenda British Bitter


  • Brewery: Leyenda
  • Country: Chile
  • Style: Bitter
  • ABV: 4.5%
  • Size: 330 ml
  • Bought from: Gift from Chile
  • Not on Beer Advocate
  • Not on RateBeer

    Second of the Chilean microbrews was Leyenda’s British Bitter. Leyenda (translating to Legend) seems to be a quite small-scale and unknown (hard to find any information on it) microbrewery located in Santiago, currently having 3 beers in their portfolio: a golden ale, a bitter, and a porter. I couldn’t find any detailed information on the British Bitter, but I assume that the hops have an English origin, and Leyenda promise on their webpage that all their beers are unfiltered, unpasteurized and naturally carbonated in the bottle.

    [easyreview title=”Leyenda British Bitter” cat1title=”Appearance” cat1detail=”The beer has a golden-amber color and is slightly hazy. A very slight white-colored head was formed during pour, that collapsed quickly, leaving no lacing along the glass.” cat1rating=”2″ cat2title=”Smell” cat2detail=”As the Kunstmann Lager, the aroma of this beer was overall very light, but still featured malty, caramelly and grainy tones.” cat2rating=”2.5″ cat3title=”Taste” cat3detail=”The flavor is dominated by sweet, caramelly and malty tones, with some light floral hop tones as well.” cat3rating=”2.5″ cat4title=”Mouthfeel” cat4detail=”The beer has a smooth medium-light body, and a moderate carbonation level, making it quite pleasant to drink.” cat4rating=”3″ summary=”Overall, this was also a drinkable beer, but I personally prefer more hop-centered beers. I felt this was a bit too malty for my taste.”]