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Dark Star Espresso Stout

  • Brewery: Dark Star
  • Country: England
  • Style: Stout
  • ABV: 4.2%
  • Size: 500 ml
  • Bought from: K-Supermarket, 4.97€
  • Beer Advocate
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    [easyreview title=”Dark Star Espresso Stout” cat1title=”Appearance” cat1detail=”The beer has a very dark brown color (well, black), and when held against the light the beer is still black and non-translucent. The beer also has a nice tan head, which leaves lacing.” cat1rating=”4″ cat2title=”Smell” cat2detail=”The beer has a nice roasted aroma, with some slight hints of coffee and chocolate. The coffee aroma is present, but not overpowering.” cat2rating=”3.5″ cat3title=”Taste” cat3detail=”The initial taste is burnt/roasted with slight sweetness and maltiness. The coffee flavor creeps up and is present. The slight sweetness, balances the bitterness of the coffee, earthy hops and slight hints of chocolate well.” cat3rating=”3.5″ cat4title=”Mouthfeel” cat4detail=”The beer has a medium-low body, with a medium-low carbonation level, which helps with drinkability. The burnt and roasted flavors aren’t too dominate.” cat4rating=”3.5″ summary=”This coffee stout actually tastes of coffee, and is well balanced, making it drinkable. The price is on the high side, but overall a good beer.”]

    Thanks to Pia for buying me this one! <3