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Alko Christmas Beers 2012

Name Volume Price RateBeer Score
St Martin Cuvée de Noël   0,33L 4,48 € 63
Liefmans Glühkriek   0,75L 7,99 €  91
Westmalle Trappist Dubbel   0,75L 9,98 €  99
Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van De Keizer   0,75L 11,53 € 100
Fuller’s Old Winter Ale  0,5L 3,70 €  83
Ridgeway Insanely Bad Elf   0,33L 3,98 €  60
St. Peter’s Winter Ale   0,5L 4,38 €  91
La Trappe Bockbier   0,33L 3,69 €  93
Haandbryggeriet Nissefar   0,5L 6,59 €  96
Weltenburger Kloster Winter-Traum  0,5L 3,69 €  69
Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock   0,5L 3,77 €  99
Ayinger Winter-Bock  0,5L 3,98 €  100
Kapuziner Winter-Weissbier  0,5L 3,99 €  54
Erdinger Pikantus   0,5L 4,18 €  89
BrewDog Hoppy Xmas   0,33L 4,98 €  71
Sinebrychoff Jouluolut   0,33L 1,82 €  18
Stallhagen Pilsner Christmas Edition  0,33L 2,78 €  –
Stadin Panimo Ultimator Doppelbock  0,33L 4,95 €  67
Suomenlinnan Helsinki Portteri   0,5L 4,96 €  66
Mikkeller Happy Lovin’ Christmas   0,33L 5,23 €  97
Svaneke Choko Stout   0,5L 5,74 €  76
Mikkeller Red/White Christmas   0,75L 10,87 €  97
Saku Porter   0,5L 3,49 €  84
Samuel Adams Winter Lager  0,355L 3,69 €  70
Anchor Our Special Ale  0,355L 3,79 € 95

Source: Olutopas forum


New and upcoming releases at Alko

Here are some beers that were released during the summer in Alko:

And here are some beers (including some tasty, but pricey, IPAs) that will be later during this month:

New Releases at Alko

Here are a couple of new releases at Alko for the end of May:

  • Kingfisher Premium Lager – 0.33 l – 2.57€
  • Shepherd Neame Generation Ale 2011 – 0.75 l – 41.90€ (Arkadia)
  • Framboise Boon – 0.375 l – 6.61€
  • Nothing really interesting this time around in my opinion, as a Pale Lager from India brewed in England, an overpriced strong ale, and a raspberry lambic doesn’t really appeal to me. I hope Alko would release a decent IPA for the summer, as Brewdog’s Hardcore IPA and Nøgne Ø’s India Pale Ale have been removed from Alko’s selection.

    Alko’s Summer Beers 2012

    According to rumors on the Olutopas.info forum, the following beers will be released at Alko in the beginning of the summer (30.05.2012) as their ‘summer beers’:

  • St Feuillien Saison
  • La Trappe Witte Trappist
  • Herbsthäuser Hefe-Weizen Hell
  • Höss Allgäuer Hüttenbier
  • Nørrebro Pacific Summer Ale
  • Nothing that really catches my interest, but the Saison and Pacific Summer Ale should hopefully be nice!

    Some recent releases at Alko

    Here are some more recent releases at Alko:

    Brooklyn Lager

  • Price: 2.95€
  • Style: American Amber Lager
  • Baltika 8 Wheat

  • Price: 2.99€
  • Style: Hefeweizen
  • Konrad

  • Price: 2.90€
  • Style: Bohemian Pilsner
  • The following beers are also available from Arkadia Alko:

    Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

  • Price: 3.92€
  • Style: American IPA
  • Hornbeer Påskeøl

  • Price: 6.74€
  • Style: American IPA
  • Saint Landelin Bière de Pâques

  • Price: 7.20€
  • Style: Bière de Garde
  • Hornbeer’s Påskeøl is apparently the same beer as their ‘Happy Hoppy Easter’.

    Alko’s Easter Beers 2012

    A batch of 5 Easter beers will be released the 12th of March in Alkos nationwide. The beers include one domestic, one from Belgium, one from Norway, and two from Denmark. Prices are still unknown.

    The beers are:

    Laitilan Kievari Mämmi, a Vienna Lager (brewed with a new recipe compared to last year; 5.2%) by Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas.

    Gouden Carolus Easter, a Belgian Strong Ale (10.5%) by Het Anker (Belgium).

    Nøgne Ø God Påske, a Belgian Strong Ale (7.5%) by Nøgne Ø (Norway).

    Svaneke Vårhare, a Saison (6.5%) by Svaneke Bryghus (Denmark).

    Ørbæk Påskebryg, a Dunkler Bock (7.2%) by Ørbæk Bryggeri (Denmark).

    More Finnish microbrews to become available at Alko 06.02.2012

    According to rumors at the Olutopas.info forum, the following beers (all from Finnish microbreweries) will become available at Alko 25.01.201206.02.2012. The release is associated with Alko’s 80 year anniversary, which it will be celebrating this year. The beers will make it to most Alkos nation-wide, but the stocks are quite small (3000-10000 per beer).

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    Christmas Beers at Alko (2011)

    The list of this year’s Christmas beers available from Alko was ‘leaked’ a couple of weeks ago at the Olutopas forum, and yesterday their prices followed. A nice list of 23 beers (but still quite weak compared to the range of Christmas beers that will be available from Systembolaget in Sweden). These beers have usually been released in the beginning of November, so stay tuned until then. I will definitely buy some of them to try out!

    Some new releases in Alko

    In the beginning of October two interesting beers were released at Alko. First is Goose Island’s India Pale Ale (RateBeer, Beer Advocate), which is an IPA with both English and American influences. I tasted it in Oluthuone Kaisla a couple of weeks ago, and I remember it being very floral and citrusy. Looking forward to trying it again.

    The second beer is Westmalle’s Tripel (RateBeer, Beer Advocate). I haven’t tried it myself (actually not a very big fan of Tripels), but it is considered to be one of the better beers in its style, so might have to try one out.

    New releases in Alko 18.07.2011

    There will be some interesting releases for hop lovers in Alko 18.07.2011.

    First up is one of my all-time favorite beers (haven’t reviewed one yet, but have two in my fridge), that will be (theoretically) available in all Alko shops across the country:

    © Brewdog

  • Brewdog Hardcore IPA, 4.14€
  • This Imperial India Pale Ale packs a massive 150 IBU, and is “hopped to hell” with Centennial, Columbus, and Simcoe. Finally a decently priced and extremely hoppy (and tasty) beer makes it into the regular selection at Alko. Hopefully this sells well so that Alko have the guts to bring in more IPAs. The beer has been getting good reviews at RateBeer and Beer Advocate as well.

    Then it is time for two beers that will be released only in the Arkadia Alko:

  • Mikkeller Green Gold, 5.38€
  • Green Gold is an American IPA, released by Mikkeller (it was the second IPA they released), and brewed at De Proefbrouwerij in Belgium. It has a massive 137 IBU, which means it could probably be classed as an Imperial IPA as well, and is hopped with Amarillo, Cascade, and Simcoe. Have loved the stuff I’ve tried by Mikkeller so far, so am really looking forward to this one. The beer has also been getting good reviews at RateBeer and Beer Advocate as well.


  • Stadin Panimo Bismarck Imperial Pilsner, 5.98€
  • This is an Imperial Pilsner (i.e. a more ‘extreme’ pilsner, with more maltiness, more bitterness and more alcohol) from the Helsinki-based microbrewery Stadin Panimo. I’ve had a couple of their beers during the previous year, and they have been ok, so will probably have to try this one out. Alko describes it as full-bodied, generously hopped, malty, citrusy, herby, spicy, and balanced, and report an IBU of 80 (which is high for a pilsner). The beer has been getting moderate reviews at RateBeer. Unfortunately there are no pictures of the bottle anywhere on the web.