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Hello, my name is Kristoffer Krogerus.
Here you’ll find my random thoughts on homebrewing and beer.
The blog began as a collection of my beer reviews, but now it has turned more into a collection of my homebrewing adventures.

Some facts about me:

27 thoughts on “About Me

  1. aldo baker

    Hi there, I wanted to reach out to you with a suggestion for content on your site: http://bit.ly/OhHoppyDays

    I am promoting this visual guide to homebrewing and, after seeing your link earlier to Homebrew Finds, I thought your readers might enjoy this post.

    If you decide to share, all I ask is that you credit the source and I can send visitors to your site as a thank-you if you are interested.

    Aldo Baker

  2. Ant

    hey kristoffer-

    any chance you might be interested in hybridizing a lager yeast? im opening a lager brewery in san francisco next year. we use wlp940. its great for my india pale lager, red lager, black, amber/malty, etc. but for the pils it just puts out a little too much in the way of fruity esters. it also eats up hop oils, makes it hard to do really hoppy pils and IPL.

    my thought is that if we could cross it with “american” pilsner yeasts, hopefully we could tone down some of 940s fruitiness, while making it less hop-hungry like the american lager yeasts.


  3. suregork Post author

    Hi Ant! Thanks for the interest and the offer. Unfortunately it would be a little tricky creating a cross between two lager strains, since they are already hybrids themselves. It probably wouldn’t be impossible to create such a cross, but I don’t think it would be worth the effort, time and resources. Rather, you might have more success trying out some more of the lager strains out there. What would be easier to do though is cross an ale strain with a lager strain, or the easiest option would be to cross two ale strains. But I guess that is not something you are interested in. Feel free to contact me at first name dot surname at gmail if you have any further questions.


  4. Fábio

    Hi Dr. Kristoffer,

    my name is Fábio and I also work with brewing yeast. Our group has been isolating yeast from cachaça (sugarcane spirit) production vats in Brazil, and we are using them in beer. I am very curious about your Conan hybrid, will you be sharing the yeast strain or intend to keep it for research purposes only?

  5. suregork Post author

    Hi Fabio,
    I’ll definitely share the strains once I’m done testing them (later during the spring)! 🙂


  6. magicalpancake

    Hey! Found you from the forums. If you are selling that conan hybrid yeast, sign me up! I would love to buy a sample.

  7. suregork Post author

    I grow up and send out the Conan x WLP644 hybrid every now and then. Keep an eye on the forum thread on Homebrewtalk for any updates!


  8. Scott

    I just discovered your fascinating blog. I was in Helsinki in September, and would have bought you a pint if I had read it earlier 😄

  9. suregork Post author

    Thanks for the kind words! I hope you enjoyed Helsinki! I’ll take you up on that offer if you ever make it back.

  10. Conrad Meers

    read your article about Suomen hiiva. I live in Canada and have been brewing sahti with kveik yeast. If still available, would I be able to purchase a little pure culture of Suomen hiivanfrom you to add to my yeast library?

  11. Bob

    Hey Kristoffer,

    Enjoying your site. I know its been a few years but found your site while preparing to brew a Sahti at our brewery. I’m looking for a source for the Finnish Baker’s Yeast. Can you point me in the right direction?


  12. suregork Post author

    Hi Conrad! Sorry for the late reply! I’ll gladly send you some yeast when I have some more time. I’ll contact you by email in a couple of weeks. Remind me if I forget! 🙂

  13. suregork Post author

    Hi Bob! I’ll gladly send you some yeast when I have some more time. I’ll contact you by email in a couple of weeks. Remind me if I forget! 🙂

  14. Kevin W

    Hi Kristoffer, I’m glad I found your cool website – good information on brewing! Any chance you have a source for Soumen Hiiva? Really trying to brew a Sahti.

  15. Aras J Klimas

    I found your article on “THE MYSTERIES OF DIASTATIC BREWING YEAST” extremely fascinating. Do you have any insight into the effects of the sta2 and sta3 gene on attenuation? Additionally what primers did you use for regular and poor diastatic strains?
    – AJK

  16. suregork Post author

    Hi Aras, STA2 and STA3 are homologous to STA1 (i.e. more or less the same gene). You can find the primers listed in the preprint in the article you mentioned!

  17. Tyler Mangin


    I am an American homebrewer planning to brew a Sahti for my wife of Finnish descent.

    I haven’t been able to find a source for the Suomen Hiiva Finnish baker’s yeast. Do you have any contacts four purchasing this yeast in the United States?

    I would be happy to pay for shipping for send some beverages as trade.


  18. suregork Post author

    Hi Tyler,
    I could try shipping you a small sample if you are still interested. Send me an email (suregork at gmail)!

  19. Nils Wåhlin

    Hi. I’m interested in your conan/wlp644 hybrid. Is it possible for you to send some?
    Nils Wåhlin

  20. suregork Post author

    Hej Nils,
    I can send you a sample in June once I’m back from my paternal leave. Can you send me an email: suregork at gmail

  21. Julius

    Hello there! My name is Julius and I am an aspiring biochemist who has an interest in brewing beer! I have read various different journals on hybridization on different members of the Saccharomyces genus and also have read many of your blog entries, and I have a couple questions on what strains I should breed. I’ve read on various different platforms many commercial yeasts are infertile and cannot be read by standard methods, so if you have any background knowledge on this, do you know any strains to avoid? I am interested in the Wyeast 1968 ESB yeast. Do you have any experience with it in terms of breeding? Also, I am considering breeding these strains using the rare breeding method as to avoid possible issues with infertility. What are the limits to this method? Can I breed any two strains of Sacch if done so with his protocol? I apologize so dearly of my ignorance, I am a very recent student and I have so much to learn, but my passion for the brewing of beer and science holds no bar! I have much of the lab equipment needed, such as the ingredients to create lysine and uracil auxotrophs, alongside ways to create starvation medias. If you can send me any jouranls on rare-breeding that would be very good, as I want to better understand this method. Thank you for your wonderful blog and posts on HomebrewTalk.Com and have a great day!

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