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Port Brewing Shark Attack



  • Brewery: Port Brewing
  • Country: USA
  • Style: American (Strong) Amber Ale
  • ABV: 9%
  • Size: 650 ml
  • Bought from: Cracked Kettle, Holland
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    Sorry about the lack of updates in September, but I’ve been away on a trip to Berlin. I’m currently writing up a report on the trip, that I will publish soon, but in the meanwhile I’ll review Port Brewing’s Shark Attack Double Red Ale. This beer has been brewed with (probably loads of) medium crystal malt, and has been hopped with Cascade and Centennial to a bitterness of 70 IBU (this might be wrong, there is no official source on this).

    Port Brewing Shark Attack
    The beer has a deep copper brown color (in the photo the beer looks a lot darker than it really is), and is slighty hazy. The beer has a slight tan-colored head, that quite quickly collapses, leaving nice lacing along the glass.
    The aroma is full of resiny, floral and citrusy hop tones coupled with a caramelly maltiness.
    As the beer enters the mouth one is first hit by a wave of caramelly sweetness, which is quickly joined by hints of tropical fruits, grapefruit and resin from the hops. The hops are present, but let the caramel and toffee from the malt shine as well. The taste finishes in a quite sweet and bitter aftertaste, that I find pleasing. The alcohol is well hidden, and only slightly detectable. This could probably be classified as an IPA as well, because of the bitterness and hoppiness.
    The beer has a smooth and creamy body, with a medium fullness, and a moderate carbonation level, making it pleasant to drink.
    Another great beer, and definitely not the last I'll try from Port Brewing if I ever get the chance again. A pleasant combination of hops and caramel, in a well balanced package. It's a shame that something like this isn't brewed or available to buy in Finland.

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