Homebrew – Brandy Vanilla Porter

Today I brewed another batch of beer, and this time I decided to try something completely different to the Pale Ales and India Pale Ales I’ve usually been brewing. I decided to brew a variation of Denny Coon’s Bourbon Vanilla Porter, where I substitute the Bourbon with Jaloviina (a type of cut Brandy), since the brew is for my (Jaloviina-loving) orchestra’s 50 year anniversary. Below is the recipe, the values I measured, and some pictures from the day.

Brandy Vanilla Porter

Batch Size: 19L

4.5 kg Maris Otter Pale Malt
1.0 kg Munich Malt
0.6 kg Brown Malt
0.5 kg Chocolate Malt
0.45 kg Crystal Malt 120L
0.25 kg Crystal Malt 40L

20 g Warrior (18% AA) 60 min
34 g East Kent Goldings (5% AA) 10 min

0.3 g Protafloc 15 min


30 g French Medium Toast Oak Chips (soaked in Jaloviina) Secondary
2 dl *** Jaloviina Seconday
2 Vanilla Beans Secondary

Targeted OG 1.078, but I ended up with 1.067 (17.1 brix)
Targeted FG 1.016

IBU ~38
EBC ~80

The malt has been measured. I really need to get a bucket of some sort for the malt.

The grain bed after the mash. I mashed at around 65.6 C, so that the beer doesn’t finish too sweet.

Weighing the aroma hops.

Adding the bittering hops to the boiling wort.

Post-Boil sample. As you can see, the color of the beer will be very dark.

The beer is now safely fermenting in the fridge, which is set to keep the beer at around 16.5 C.

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