Small Update

Just thought I’d write a short update on the recent beers I brewed for my upcoming wedding. They are all tasting really nice, which I’m happy about. Here are some short tasting notes:

Wedding Pils – Dry finish, grainy malts, and a floral hoppiness that ends with a nice bitterness.

Wedding Blond – Lots of spicy phenols and fruity esters from the yeast. Not my favorite style, but this is quite a nice Belgian-style ale.

Wedding Hybrid – Lots of hop aroma combined with fruity esters. A slight hint of spicy phenols in the flavor. APA meets Wit. I like!

Wedding APA – Citrus and floral hops mainly that end in a moderate bitterness. Some maltiness as well, and not a completely dry finish.

Wedding IPA – Lots of citrus and tropical fruits from the hops together with a huge bitterness. A really successful IPA!

Also, here is a progress picture of the ‘bar’ I’m building for the wedding. Five homebrews will be available on tap. I still need to paint it and build a drip tray, but it should be ready in a couple of days. Really looking forward to testing it!


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