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Small homebrew update


It’s been a while since the previous post (I apologize for that!), so I thought I’d write a short update. Next Sunday it’s time for another brewday, when we will be attempting to brew a massive 1.100+ gravity Barleywine. I’m going to write a proper post on that (containing the recipe as well) later this week. Last week we bottled our K04 ESB (it is tasting quite promising, with a nice herby hoppiness and bitterness coupled with caramelly notes; a proper review coming up) and kegged the Brygg Öl Pale Ale (which was also very promising with a massive hop aroma and flavor, coupled with a surprisingly bitter finish). Out of curiosity I took some samples of both to the lab and did some standard beer analysis on them. I won’t bore you with details, but one thing that caught my attention was the relatively high pH of  both beers (4.70 for the K04 ESB and 4.73 for the Brygg Öl PA). A high beer pH can cause several issues, including: a higher risk for infections; decreased flavor stability; a more muddled flavor (especially in highly hopped beers); and lower total diacetyl removal rate (especially relevant for lagers because of the lower fermentation tempeatures). Generally you want to aim for a beer pH between 4.1-4.5. Because of this, I think I’ll invest in a proper pH meter and start monitoring the mash and wort pH more carefully, which will hopefully result in improved beer quality!

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