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I finally got a smartphone, and in the process I joined Untappd. I also linked my Untappd feed to the blog on the right hand side. Feel free to add me as a friend!

I have a bunch of upcoming homebrews in January and February as well. Will report about them in a while!


  1. pale 31 became a fridgerator regular when i was living in california. i just found a beer from prismas that reminded me of 31 but with less body, was by and IPA by founders brewery. firestone also makes a great porter if you can find it.

  2. Thanks for the comment! FW Pale 31 is probably my favorite Pale Ale and a perfect beer to have at all occasions. I haven’t tried their Porter, but I’ve liked almost everything I’ve tried from them. A fantastic brewery! Founders All Day IPA is probably what you found at Prisma. A great beer as well (+ at a reasonable price)!

  3. yup, that was the one and yes the price is nice (despite that it probably retails in the states for under 10e a 6pack).
    was wondering if i could PM you, i got some questions about brewing living here in suomi and going commercial and dont really have anyone to talk to.

  4. Of course, I’d be glad to help! Send a mail to suregork at 🙂

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